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Ben MacKenzie
Rank Fire Fighter
Station Southwark Fire Station
Spouse(s) None
Relatives Recall (Father) Laura (Mother)

Jamie (Brother)

Played by Gordon Calliste (series 4-9)
Fraser Ayres (series 13)
Graham Bryan (series 14)
First appearance Series 4, Episode 7 (1991)
Last appearance Series 14, Episode 2(2002)

Ben MacKenzie was the eldest son of fireman Stuart 'Recall' MacKenzie and his wife Laura. He was also the older brother of Jamie MacKenzie.

Ben was a troubled youth. Recall and Laura found out he had been skiving from school and mixing with troublemakers. He was part of a group who stole from a corner shop and then ran away from home. He spent the next few days wandering the streets of London before finally being reunited with his relieved parents. Laura subsequently separated from Recall and took Ben and Jamie to Scotland with her. Ben saw little of his father over the next few years.

In series 13 Ben returned to London. He worked as a barman at Elaine's pub and then joined the Fire Brigade against Recall's wishes, although Recall did come round to the idea. Ben had second thoughts about the job after his father's death, telling George it was different to what he had expected, and that he was leaving. He was not seen again after Recall's funeral.


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Ben MacKenzie appeared in 36 episodes between 1991 and 2002: